Tree climbing


Have you ever thought how it feels for those who climb telephone poles? Now you have the opportunity to test it in a wonderful forest environment. You get to safely climb up a tree and then the guide assist you to absail back to the ground. This tour also includes a short hike and a quiet moment when we enjoy coffee with snacks at a fire place. The tree climbing requires no prior knowledge and all the equipment needed is in place.

Details of the activity

Place: We can arrange this activity where there are trees.
Duration: minimum 15,5 h. The duration of the activity depends of the size of the group and the place.
Price includes:
A nice and professional wilderness guide and all the needed gear for the tree climbing.
Bring this:
Clothes suitable for the weather and water bottle.
For whom: This activity is suitable for everyone. No previous climbing experience is needed.
Group size:
2–8 persons
English, Swedish, Finnish (contact us if you are interested in guiding in another language)

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