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The guides at Archipelago Activities are all outdoor enthusiasts. We are passionate about different outdoor activities and we do different things in the nature, but we can guarantee that we can offer you and your friends an unforgettable moment together with us out in the fresh air - all year round!

Archipelago Activities guide

Virve Savoila

I'm a wilderness guide, who likes doing things outdoors together. Mountainbiking and skiing are things that get me going, amongst other outdoor activities, but also to see how the strength of a group creates new opportunities for us to enjoy life. So what's better than being able to do this outdoors all year round?

Archipelago Activities guide

Eva Länsiluoto

I am an physiotherapist on parental leave and a wilderness guide to be, who enjoys being outdoors and having a nice cup of coffee in the open air. For many years I have combined fresh air and exercise by doing outdoor exercise with my own body as a weight and a friend as a tool (and companion).

Archipelago Activities guide

Markus Mattsson

I’m a psychologist and a wilderness-guide-in-training with many years of experience of climbing, paddling and trekking. I love nature and outdoor life during all the seasons and in all kinds of weather. Challenging conditions and simple outdoor life are especially fascinating to me.

Archipelago Activities guide

Martin Knuts

I have found the joy of nature through work in the forest industry and hobbies such as hunting and skiing. I like to be in the forests, on the mountains and in the archipelago. I feel best when I get to be outdoors and as a future wilderness guide I want to give other people the same opportunity for well-being.

Archipelago Activities guide


I appreciate beautiful nature and nature experiences close to home. Hiking in the forest and paddling in the archipelago is the best things that there are. I would like to share these experiences with you!

Archipelago Activities guide

Mia Sinisalo

Do you need to be on move? Hike, bike, paddle and ski with me. I am not into anything extreme, but I believe that the best experiences in nature come hand in hand with a feeling of safety. Nature has both calming and energizing effect on us, since it’s a place where we belong. Nature offers us a possibility to get to know ourselves and to connect with one another.

Archipelago Activities guide

Björn Wadenström

I am an entrepreneur and founder of Archipelago Activities. I have been working as a firefighter for 25 years, been on some missions to disaster areas in various parts of the world, worked for 20 years as an active scout leader and engaged in wilderness guide studies. I have worked the last few winters as a safari guide in Lapland and are now running the summer harbor in Bromarv.

Archipelago Activities guide


Life on nature's conditions! Experiencing nature without the stimuli that belong to modern life gives me strength and power. I move a lot in nature by foot, by bike, on skis and on the sea in kayak - even under the water with just one breath! I’m always ready to explore new places.


lotta bruncrona

I use the nature and the forest as a place where to move. In the forest there are lots of possibilities to exercise. I love to both run and walk in the woods, but also to just be quiet and feel the power of naturen. Join me for some crossnature with me!

Archipelago Activities guide


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