Full moon kaykaing tour

Full moon kaykaking tour

Slide into the water with your kayak as the sun drops behind the horizon and the full moon rises. If we are lucky, the sky is clear and we see both stars and the moon. The lovely Finnish summer night is never pitch-dark and the glow of the moon reinforces the sight of islands and cuttings. We pause on a small beach, enjoy snacks and tea made of birch leaves picked by our own guides.

Even if the moon is covered with clouds, it is magical to move on the sea at night. The sounds and atmosphere are quite different in nature after midnight. The silence drops, only the fish's splash and some birds are heard.

We don't accept any use of alcohol during this tour.

Details of the activity

Meetingspot at Ekenäs Naturum, Strandallén 5. Transport to Bromarv, where the tour starts. Transport back to Naturum.
Meddelas då turen är tillgänglig
Approximately 3 or 4 hours
60 € / person
Price includes:
Nice and professional wilderness guide, kayak with all needed equipment, snacks and tea
Bring this:
Warm clothes, rain clothes, headlight, water bottle
For whom:
Previous paddling experience is not a requirement, but helps you enjoy more of the tour. You can swim 200m and walk two kilometers in a slow pace. We adjust the pace according to the group.
Group size:
2-6 persons
Svenska, finska, engelska
Booking and information:
Maila teresa@archipelagoactivities.fi

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